Cyber Safety for You and Your Children

You heard that old saying,”An ounce of prevention...”

A short course on Cyber Safety for your End Users can help prevent Ransomware, Malware and Computer Viruses on your company’s computer network and your home PC  

Many people believe that preventing computer viruses is the sole responsibility of the IT Department. But the truth is that an educated user is your strongest defense.

Here are some tips:

1. Never visit your banking site through an email link. Instead go to the banks website and login there directly.

2. The IRS will never send you an email asking for a credit card payment to pay your taxes. Trust me, they have your phone number and will happily send you a letter in the mail.

3. Never login to your bank or any other financial institution while on a public WiFi.

4. Use complex passwords and change them often. The word PASSWORD isn’t a good password. Complex passwords are at least 8 characters in length, contain some non-alphanumeric characters, a combination of small and capital letters, and one or more numbers. Here is an example of a complex password: IhAv3aFa$tc@r (I have a fast car). If you make the password too complex you won’t remember it!

5. You wouldn’t believe how many times I have gone to a client’s location to sit at a PC and found someone’s password taped to the bottom of their keyboard. Not a good idea.

6. Don’t share your passwords with anyone.

7. Phishing emails look extraordinarily real these days. Hover your mouse over the link in questionable email (DON’T click it though!) and a tip box will pop up with the REAL link destination. You can then see if it is valid or if it is linked to a website in Russia some place.

8. Make sure your virus definitions and security patches are always up to date.

8. Teach your children about online safety and limit the websites and apps they are permitted to use. As the kids get older, you can permit them some more freedom online. However I have always had a “Trust but Verify”mentality when it came to the kids and their online activities.

Last but not least, have your End Users take a good Cyber Safety course. We offer one at Sign up for the Cyber Safety Course Today!