In Response to the COVID19 Virus, Only Live-Online Instructor Led Classes (Remote Instruction Over WebEx) is Being Offered At This Time.


Elite IT Certifications Frequently Asked Questions

What is your Passing Test Guarantee?

After completing the required courses for your certification test, we guarantee that you will pass the test or you can take the course over again at no additional cost. We do recommend that you take your test promptly after completing the course, so the information is still fresh in your mind.


Do you offer Self Study Courses?

As of  January 1, 2019, we are offering Self Study courses. These are self paced curriculums that include labs (if applicable). We will offer every course with a Self Study option.  To choose a Self Study course, find the course that you would like to take by searching for it or by choosing it from the Catalog menu. You will see a bunch of Classroom Locations pop up. On the very bottom of that list will be an option for Self Study. Choose that option and complete the checkout process. Your course and license key will be delivered to your email. Note: Since the Self Study courses are delivered electronically, there are no refunds. 


Do You Accept POs?

Yes, we do accept POs for Government and Corporate students.


Do you offer Government, Corporate, Military and Multi-quantity discounts? 

Yes we do. Please use the Contact Us form to request discounts. Let us know how many attendees there will be, the name of your business, your EIN number, and for Military Discounts you must provide proof of service.


How long have you been in business? 

We started our business in 2007 and have trained thousands of students. Some of our instructors have taught classes at large companies like GE, Citi, and other firms but we also teach  at small firms and individual classes. 


I just bought a course, what happens now? 

You will receive an order confirmation email with information about the class you purchased including the start date and time, the total charges and other information. Within the next 24 hours after purchase, our Scheduling Manager or one of our Customer Champions will contact you by email to reconfirm everything, let you know what to bring, etc. We double check everything so there are no mistakes and to ensure that you are pleased with your purchase.After the course concludes, you will receive a survey via email asking you what you thought of the course, instructor, classroom location, etc.  The survey takes about 10 mins to complete but provides us with valuable feedback that we appreciate.


Will lunch be provided?

 Usually we provide coffee and at times doughnuts or bagels, but that depends upon the location and other considerations. 


Can you send the instructor to my location? 

Yes, we are often times asked that question and we can send the instructor to your company's location. Instructors are not permitted to teach at students' homes, motels, or other meeting places that are not approved by management. 


 Is there parking onsite at the classroom location? 

Yes, parking is available at all of our classroom locations. However, some of the classrooms in major metro areas may have a parking garage. We do not pay for parking.


 Do you guys do consulting? 

Yes, we do consulting. Our rates are very competitive.  Please use the contact form for more information about our consulting services. Let us know what kind of help you need, where you're located,who to contact and when you need assistance..


 Where are your classrooms located? 

We have classrooms in every state and some locations in Canada.  When you choose a course, you will see a list of towns and states that the courses are taught in. Simply choose a location that is closest to you and a date you that would like to take the chosen course.


Do the courses have labs? 

Most courses do have labs but some don't because they are not required to complete the course or the certification. If a lab is required your instructor will set it up for you before the class begins.


 Do you offer refunds? 

If you are unhappy with your Instructor-led or Remote course for any reason, just let us know and we will investigate the issues. If we find that your claim for a refund is valid and substantiated, we will provide one to you according to the schedule below. Please note that since our Self  Study courses are e-delivered, we do not offer any refunds for those courses. 

Instructor led and Remote class refund schedule: 

  • Up to 24hrs after purchasing: Full refund minus 3.5% processing fee. 

  • More than 24 hours after purchase and up to the day of attendance but prior to attending: A course credit will be provided to you that can be used for up to one year from the refund request date. 

  • After attending start of class and Up to 50% of the course completed: we will provide course credits for the remainder of the class that may be used up to one year from the termination date. 

  • After 50% of the course has been completed by attending classes: no refunds or credits will be provided. 

  • Refunds can take up to 45 days to be processed.


 How do I book a class?

 Booking a class is simple. Choose a category from one of the drop down menus or from the Course Catalog.  Select a class you would like to attend. Choose a Location for the class, then choose a Date/Time from the Radio Buttons. In the Quantity field, add the number of people that will be attending the class. Click Add to Cart and follow the checkout process. You will receive a few emails with information about the class location, a confirmation email stating that you are registered and information about what to bring to the class.


Do you have any job openings? Can I enroll in a work study program or as an intern?

 Yes!  We are always looking for qualified help. Examples of positions we are always looking to fill are: course content editors, instructors, sales and marketing reps, and other people with the drive and ethics that we share.  You must be team oriented, detailed and have a passion to teach!



What should I bring to my class?

 If you are training at one of our locations in Florida, the classroom will already be set up with PCs for your use. We do recommend that you bring a laptop anyway.  For all  other locations, you are required to bring a laptop with you. You should also bring something to take notes.


 Are you instructors certified?

 Our instructors are certified in the curriculum that they teach, or are subject matter experts with years of experience in the field and teaching. Many instructors are also consultants that assist companies with their software implementations on the various software products.


Do you offer a payment plan?

 Yes! Our financing is provided by Lay-Buys. You put as little as 10% down and can pay up to 12 monthly installments. There is a one-time, very small finance fee of 0.9% that is payable to Lay-Buys.


 Do any of your courses count towards college credits?

 Yes!  The Microsoft MCSE, Cisco CCNA and a few other courses count towards college credits.


 How can I get into the IT Field?

 IT is a growing field and there will always be a need for professionals with certifications. There are many areas of IT, such as Development, Cyber Security, Servers, Infrastructure, Project Managers, App Developers, Game Developers, Instructors, and other areas. If you would like to get into End User Support or Help Desk for example, select an option from the Career menu and you will see information about the requirements to get into that area of IT.


Do you offer classes to help new Managers?

 Yes! Whether you are a new manager, need a little help doing presentations, or need to brush up on your business writing skill set - we have the courses you need.  We have classes in: Customer Service, Delivering Effective Presentations, Managing Staff, Business Writing Essentials, and other courses. From the Main Menu choose Corporate, then Business Skills to see all the course offerings in this area.


 Can I attend classes remotely?

 Yes!  Doing so will save you money on accommodations and our remote courses are also less expensive. Simply choose a course you would like to take and select "Remote" from the Locations Menu. You will then receive an email containing the information about how to attend the course.  Our Remote courses are also Instructor Led.


What if don't see a course that I want to take?

 Simply let us know!  We have many of the most popular courses but we are always adding new ones too.


What are my course payment options?

 Courses can be purchased via PayPal, Payment Plan  or Credit card at this time. We are looking into other payment options, such as Deferred Payment Plans, Student Loans, Grants and other payment options.

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