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Students spend an average of $130,000 For College Education. Is it really worth the cost?


The cost of an average college education these days is around $130,000 but what does that investment really get you? Let's find out.

The fact is that most college graduates end up getting an entry level job, in the field of their choice if they are lucky, with an average starting salary of around $30-$40k per year. The question then becomes, is college really worth the time, effort and investment?

These days there are tons of hands-on, instructor led boot camp training schools out there ( is one of them) that get students trained quickly and for a lot less money than traditional college classes without the required English, Math, and Science courses.

After taking an instructor led boot camp style training course (on average around $2,500 for a 5-day boot camp) the students take a certification test. After passing the test, the student receives a certificate demonstrating his/her proficiency in the subject matter.

Students that take certification training courses receive the same job opportunities, usually at the same pay rate or more, that a recent college graduate gets - but with only a fraction of the financial investment and more often than not, without having a student loan to pay back because the certification courses are usually within the financial reach of the average student.

One thing is for certain, IT and Technical related jobs will continue to be in high demand because of the technology based world in which we live. Whether you choose the traditional college path or the certification course path, you'll find a lot of opportunities out there for good paying jobs once you complete your training.

Needless to say, if you want to be a teacher, you'll need a traditional college education but if you want to be an IT Manager or perhaps a Cyber Security Analyst, traditional college courses will not get you there quickly like certification training will.