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The App Development industry is booming and needs new talent! If you want to work as a developer for a large software company designing apps, these courses will put you on the right track!

Android App Development: The Android OS platform has overtaken the mobile device marketplace. Android has become the dominant operating system for tablets and smartphones, not to mention myriad other gadgets such as digital picture frames, streaming TV servers, and so forth. In this course, you will learn how to develop and publish an Android app, focusing on developing business apps for tablets and smartphones that are compatible with a wide variety of Android versions and device layouts.

iPhone App Development: With the introduction of the iOS platform, mobile devices exploded onto the personal computing market, in many cases replacing notebook and desktop computers—not only for personal use, but for business use as well. The iPhone and iPad are among the most popular of mobile devices in use today. In this course, you will learn how to develop and publish iOS apps, focusing on developing business apps for iPhones and iPads.

Windows App Development: Microsoft Windows 10 has merged the software platforms for Windows applications into a single Universal Windows Platform (UWP) that makes it relatively straightforward to develop one app that runs on phones, tablets, computers, and other devices. Microsoft has provided various tools and programming languages to support development in this platform, giving the developer the ability to use tools and techniques that they are most comfortable with. With Visual Studio (even with the free Community edition), the developer can choose to program Windows applications using a variety of languages. This course introduces students to Windows 10 application development using C# and XAML. You can take this course as part of your preparation for a certification exam such as MCSD: Universal Windows Platform certification.

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