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One of the compelling benefits of using G Suite Basic is that you can leave the server hardware management responsibilities to Google. As the administrator of a G Suite domain, you can control the accounts, resources, and apps from a web browser interface. All of your administrative tasks can be accessed from a specialized page, or console, of dashboard controls. From this Admin console, you can perform all the necessary duties of a domain administrator without having to worry about keeping the physical hardware up and running. In this course, you will learn about creating and managing a G Suite domain.

You can also use this course to prepare for the Google Certified Associate—G Suite Administrator certification exam.

Course Objectives:

In this course, you will set up and manage the G Suite environment for users.

You will:

  • Navigate the G Suite Admin console.
  • Create and manage user accounts.
  • Use organizational units to manage your G Suite environment.
  • Configure and implement Drive storage settings and policies.
  • Manage mail delivery, routing, and filtering.
  • Create groups to share mailboxes and documents, and manage permissions and roles.
  • Set up and manage calendar sharing and calendar resources.
  • Manage the mobile devices that access your system.
  • Use reporting tools to manage usage and security, and to troubleshoot system issues.
  • Configure security and authentication policies and methods.

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