Graphic Arts - Become an ACE (Adobe Certified Expert)!

If you would like to start in a career as a Graphic Artist, or are already in this fun, exciting field - we have the courses for you! Graphic Artists are in high demand these days. They design logos, take & edit product photos, work as Webmasters, design website and e-commerce sites, work with photographers and videographers, and much more.  

As a Graphic Artist, you will learn to use industry standard tools, such as:

Adobe Photoshop CS6: focuses on some of the basic features of Photoshop so that the student can navigate the environment and use Photoshop tools to work with photographic images. Although Photoshop is used by a variety of professionals, from photographers to designers to videographers, the training is most often used for careers in Graphic Arts, Web Design, and Logo creation. Illustration and animation techniques are also covered. If you want to get certified, you can also use this course to prepare for the Adobe Visual Communication using Photoshop CS6 exam.

Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2017: focuses on some of the basic features of Dreamweaver so that students can navigate the environment and use Dreamweaver tools to build websites. Dreamweaver is used by a variety of professionals, such as web developers, web designers, graphic designers, and other professionals. This course is a great component of your preparation for the Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) Dreamweaver CC exam and the Adobe Certified Associate (ACA) Web Authoring Using Adobe Dreamweaver CC exam. 

Adobe Illustrator CS6: This course focuses on Illustrator CS6, the component within CS6 used to create “drawn” graphics, while enabling its users to integrate content from other domains (such as photo-oriented graphics and animation, which belong to Photoshop and Flash). With Illustrator's many, easily used tools, you will discover that not only can you unlock the same creative impulses you've always had as you've picked up a pencil to sketch out an idea, but also capture those multiple ideas and “what ifs” during the creative process in ways that you never imagined. And for those of you who are just embarking on building your creative skills, you will be surprised at “how good” your work will appear even at the outset of your exploration of the world of graphic design. This course also is designed to cover the Illustrator CS6 Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) certification exam objectives.

Each course is available as either In-class training or as an Instructor Led Remote course (which saves you money). 

Buy with confidence - all of our courses include our iron-clad Test Pass Guarantee and are taught by certified instructors that are experts in the industry.


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