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With the introduction of the iOS platform, mobile devices exploded onto the personal computing market, in many cases replacing notebook and desktop computers—not only for personal use, but for business use as well. The iPhone and iPad are among the most popular of mobile devices in use today. In this course, you will learn how to develop and publish iOS apps, focusing on developing business apps for iPhones and iPads.

You will:

  • Use Xcode to create and run an iOS application.
  • Write Objective-C code to enable iOS app user interface elements to interact with users.
  • Identify and describe common iOS design patterns and user interface standards.
  • Lay out and program apps to provide navigation among multiple views.
  • Access data from various locations, including app resources, user preferences, private app storage, and web services.
  • Enable an app to present graphics and multimedia.
  • Enable an app to interact well with other apps, the iOS system, and the mobile device it runs on.
  • Debug an app and implement runtime error handling.
  • Prepare an app for release, including configuration to support internationalization, and to run on multiple devices and different screen dimensions.

Audience: From beginner to advanced students, this is an essential course if you want to learn application development for smart devices. Sign up for a course today.

Prerequisites: Basic understanding of smart devices, smartphones, and tablets. Some experience with basic coding is also beneficial but not required. 

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