Project Management


Successfully managing a project requires effective planning and adherence to the industry's best practices in every step of the process. By understanding the fundamentals of project management, you will be better prepared to initiate a project in your organization and position it for success. 

At this point in your professional development, you are ready to take on the responsibility for managing projects. You can manage a project by developing a solid understanding of the fundamentals of project management and its underlying structure and elements, including project phases, project life cycles, stakeholders, and areas of expertise. These, coupled with the ability to identify the project management processes that are recognized industry-wide as good practice, will help you to apply effective project management techniques to improve the efficiency of your projects and ensure their success.

Depending upon your experience with Project management, we would recommend that you start out with the CompTIA Project+ course to establish a good, solid foundation. Follow up with the 2 Project Management (PMP) certification courses and you'll be well on your way to a great career as a Project Manager! 

Optionally, we have included a few courses that augment Project Management training, such as Business Writing, Presentation and Leadership courses. 

Finally, we round off the PMP career curriculum with two important tools for Project Management - Microsoft Project to manage the project and resources, and OneNote for a centralized repository for Project Documents and Notes.

Boot camps are the way to train!  These intensive cram-sessions usually include a lab and are instructor led at a classroom location near you. 

Sign up for a course and take the first step towards a rewarding, lucrative career as a PMP Certified Project Manager!


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