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Managing required information by storing and retrieving data is part of Database Administrators day-to-day activities. One of the most effective ways to manage required information is by using databases. You may need to manipulate and modify your table data based on changing business requirements. The course, Microsoft SQL Server 2012: Database Querying will help you use SQL Server 2012 as a tool to manage organizational data.

In today's competitive environment, information plays a vital role in determining the success of an organization. If you are able to effectively manage information, you can provide a competitive edge to your organization. Familiarizing yourself with database querying concepts will enable you to effectively manage your organizational data.



You will:

  • Examine the fundamentals of SQL Server 2012.
  • Work with Transact-SQL.
  • Write SELECT queries.
  • Work with SQL data types.
  • Sort and filter data.
  • Query data from multiple tables.
  • Modify data.
  • Work with SQL Server built-in functions.
  • Write programs in T-SQL.
  • Implement stored procedures.
  • Work with subqueries and table expressions.
  • Work with set operators, conditional operators, and window functions.
  • Work with PIVOT, UNPIVOT, and Grouping Sets.
  • Manage error handling and transactions.
  • Query SQL Server system metadata.
  • Optimize query performance.
  • Work with SQL Azure.

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