In Response to the COVID19 Virus, Only Live-Online Instructor Led Classes (Remote Instruction Over WebEx) is Being Offered At This Time.

Up to 20% Discount for Military Service

Military Discounts of up to 20%

Discounts for our Military Men and Women

All too often our military men and women come back to the states after their tour(s) of duty have ended and have few if any marketable skills for regular corporate America.

We help to re-tool veterans into high paying IT jobs as Technicians, Programmers, Project Manager’s, App Developers, and into many other roles.

All classes are instructor led and are offered as in-person or remote training. Our instructors are certified in the courses that they teach and have decades of experience.

We have classrooms around the US but if you cannot attend a physical class, a remote class will be perfect for you and is taught over WebEx. 

The best part of our Military discount is that it can be used as often as you need for your training. Take one course or three, you get up to 20% off each and every course. That can save you thousands of dollars.  

Note: You must provide proof of Military service to utilize this discount. Use our Contact Form for more information.

Multi-quantity discounts are also available and are shown on each of the course detail pages right below the Class Scheduling information.