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Google AdWord Exam Preparation: Fundamentals and Search Advertising Boot Camp - 3 Days - elite-it-training-center

Google AdWord Exam Preparation: Fundamentals and Search Advertising Boot Camp - 3 Days

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Course Specifications

Course Length:

3 days

Course Description


In today's technologically connected society, people have access to information almost everywhere they go on a variety of devices. All strong marketing campaigns should incorporate some form of web-based advertising. Google AdWords is a web-based advertising tool that allows individuals and organizations to advertise on the Internet. Google AdWords is the most popular web advertising tool and operates on the largest connected set of networks, Google's networks.

Google AdWords is simple to start using, but is difficult to master. AdWords campaigns have many components that must work together well to create an effective ad campaign. Managing an AdWords campaign involves constant monitoring, analysis, and refinement to improve campaign performance.

In this course, you will create a Google AdWords account and an AdWords campaign. You will create both text and image ads, and target campaigns to specific audience segments by using advanced AdWords features. You will refine and optimize all aspects of your AdWords campaigns from ads, to keywords, to bidding, to budgets. You will also use advanced tools to manage AdWords accounts and data.

Course Objectives:

In this course, you will implement Google AdWords and create ad campaigns to target specific audiences with advanced AdWords features. You will then analyze and optimize campaign performance.

You will:

  • Create a Google AdWords account.
  • Create an ad campaign.
  • Optimize keywords for pay-per-click campaigns.
  • Write effective ads for Google AdWords campaigns.
  • Analyze and report campaign performance.
  • Manage bidding and budgets.
  • Configure language and location targeting.
  • Enhance campaigns with ad extensions.
  • Create product listing campaigns.
  • Create a display network campaign.
  • Implement advanced AdWords features.
  • Measure campaign performance.
  • Optimize campaigns.
  • Optimize AdWords campaigns for conversions.
  • Manage AdWords with the AdWords Editor.
  • Manage and extend AdWords accounts.


Target Student:

This course is designed for marketing professionals with basic end-user computing skills who will create and manage search ads, run pay-per-click search campaigns, and optimize and report on those campaigns with Google AdWords.

This course is also designed for individuals who are seeking the Google AdWords certification and want to prepare for Google AdWords Fundamentals and Google AdWords Search Advanced exams.


To ensure your success in this course, you should have experience with using a Web browser and productivity software (Microsoft Office or Google Docs). You can obtain this level of skill and knowledge by taking the following courses:

  • Using Microsoft Windows 10
  • Any or all of the courses in the Microsoft 2010, 2013, or 2016 curriculum


Course Content

Lesson 1: Creating a Google AdWords Account

Topic A: Create and Navigate the Google AdWords Account Structure

Topic B: Configure and Manage Account Alerts and Notifications

Lesson 2: Creating Ad Campaigns

Topic A: Plan an AdWords Campaign

Topic B: Create Campaigns and Configure Campaign Settings

Topic C: Create and Configure Ad Groups, Ads, and Keywords

Lesson 3: Optimizing Keywords

Topic A: Select Keywords in AdWords

Topic B: Research Keywords with the Google Keyword Planner

Topic C: Research Keywords Online

Topic D: Configure Ad Groups and Keywords

Lesson 4: Writing Ads in Google AdWords

Topic A: Review Google Ad Policies

Topic B: Write High-Quality AdWords Ads

Lesson 5: Analyzing and Reporting Campaign Performance

Topic A: Review Your Campaign and Adjust Settings

Topic B: Analyze and Optimize Ads

Topic C: Create Reports in AdWords

Lesson 6: Managing Bidding and Budgets

Topic A: Set and Manage Budgets

Topic B: Set and Manage Bids

Lesson 7: Targeting by Language and Location

Topic A: Configure Language Targeting

Topic B: Configure Location Targeting

Lesson 8: Enhancing Campaigns with Ad Extensions

Topic A: Enhance Ads with the Location Extension

Topic B: Enhance Ads with the Call Extensions

Topic C: Enhance Ads with the SiteLink Extension

Topic D: Enhance Ads with the App Extension

Topic E: Enhance Ads with Structured Snippets

Topic F: Enhance Ads with the Review and Callout Extensions

Topic G: Enhance Ads with Automated Extensions

Lesson 9: Creating Product Listing Campaigns

Topic A: Set Up a Google Merchant Account

Topic B: Create a Shopping Campaign

Lesson 10: Creating a Display Network Campaign

Topic A: Plan and Create a Display Network Campaign

Topic B: Create an Ad with Ad Gallery

Topic C: Target Campaigns

Topic D: Target Devices

Lesson 11: Implementing Advanced AdWords Features

Topic A: Configure Ad Scheduling

Topic B: Create Dynamic Ads

Topic C: Implement Keyword Insertion

Topic D: Implement Ad Customizers

Topic E: Implement Campaign Experiments

Topic F: Configure Conversion Tracking

Lesson 12: Measuring Campaign Performance

Topic A: Link AdWords to Google Analytics

Topic B: Measure AdWords Campaign Success

Topic C: Analyze Campaign Performance in AdWords

Lesson 13: Optimizing Campaigns

Topic A: Optimize Landing Pages for Quality Score

Topic B: Optimize Bidding Performance

Topic C: Optimize Budgets

Lesson 14: Optimizing for Conversions

Topic A: Measure Conversions

Topic B: Optimize for Conversions

Lesson 15: Managing AdWords with the AdWords Editor

Topic A: Configure AdWords Editor

Topic B: Import and Analyze Data

Lesson 16: Managing and Extending AdWords Accounts

Topic A: Manage Clients with My Client Center

Topic B: Use the AdWords API

Appendix A: Google Certified Professional Exam Mappings