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Intro to Mac OSX v10.6 Boot Camp (1 Day) - elite-it-training-center

Intro to Mac OSX v10.6 Boot Camp (1 Day)

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Mac OS® X v10.6: Introduction

Course Specifications
Course length: 1.0 day(s)

Venue: Instructor Led Class over Webex Only.

Course Description

You will explore the environment of Mac OS X 10.6 and learn to use its various applications such as Safari, iChat, and iLife. You will also use the OS to manage files and folders, save information, and manage storage space.Target Student: This course is designed for desktop users who are interested in learning the fundamentals needed to operate, navigate, and use a Macintosh system with OS X 10.6.Prerequisites: Knowledge of previous versions of Mac operating systems is desired, but not needed.

    Course Objectives

    Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

    • Examine and explore the user interface elements of Mac OS X v10.6.
    • Manage files and folders so that you can retrieve required files, when needed.
    • Create, format, and edit documents, and also make a printout of essential documents.
    • Browse the Internet by using the Safari web browser.
    • Use the iLife Application suite to record music using different instruments, import and host photos, create movies, and host all of them on the web.
    • Manage memory and storage space on your computer.

    Course Content

    Lesson 1: Getting Started with Mac

    Topic 1A: Work with the Desktop Elements
    Topic 1B: Explore the Applications in Mac
    Topic 1C: Use the Dashboard
    Topic 1D: Manipulate the Dock Elements
    Topic 1E: Set System Preferences
    Topic 1F: Get Help Using the Mac Help Window

    Lesson 2: Managing Files and Folders

    Topic 2A: Create a Folder
    Topic 2B: Set Folder Display Options
    Topic 2C: Work with Finder

    Lesson 3: Working with Data

    Topic 3A: Create a TextEdit Document
    Topic 3B: Insert Objects in a Document
    Topic 3C: Format a Document
    Topic 3D: Edit a Document
    Topic 3E: Print a Document

    Lesson 4: Browsing the Internet

    Topic 4A: Familiarize Yourself with the Internet
    Topic 4B: Browse Websites by Using Safari
    Topic 4C: Send Email
    Topic 4D: Use iChat
    Topic 4E: Use iCal

    Lesson 5: Working with iLife Applications

    Topic 5A: Work with GarageBand
    Topic 5B: Work with iPhoto
    Topic 5C: Work with iMovie
    Topic 5D: Work with iDVD
    Topic 5E: Work with iWeb

    Lesson 6: Managing Storage Space

    Topic 6A: Determine Memory and Storage Capacity
    Topic 6B: Organize Files on a Hard Disk
    Topic 6C: Use Removable Media