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Zoho CRM Creator: Essentials of Application Development Boot Camp - 3 Days

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Course Specifications

Course Length:

3 days

Course Description


Every organization needs to collect, store, and access data to complete business tasks. Businesses might collect names, email addresses, and phone numbers of contacts for sales and marketing, or track products in inventory to create a full online e-commerce application (app). All of these can be combined to provide a central, online, data-driven app for selling products and services or managing a business. Zoho Creator is a cloud-based platform for building online, data-driven applications.

Selecting the right app development solution is critical for successfully creating and deploying apps that can be used for business tasks. Application development solutions need to be easy to use and support quick design and implementation for forms and reports. The app needs to allow for easy publication of forms to the web for online use, and it must be powerful and flexible. Developers must have the ability to automate business processes and apply business logic to processing tasks. Zoho Creator has features that provide this ease of use, power, and flexibility.

In this course, you will set up and configure Zoho Creator as you would in your own organization. You will install apps from the Zoho Creator Application Gallery, import spreadsheets to create apps, and build apps from scratch. You will customize apps for branding and usability. You will share apps and configure access permissions so that app users have the correct level of access. You will automate business processes in your apps by using Deluge script, and create and run reports that use data from apps to show business insights. You will use portals and live chat to provide access and services to partners and customers. Finally, you will integrate Zoho Creator with Google Apps and the Zoho Creator Marketplace, providing more options to deploy and use the power and flexibility of Zoho Creator.

Course Objectives:

In this course, you will use Zoho Creator to build business applications.

You will:

  • Set up Zoho Creator.
  • Create an app from the Application Gallery.
  • Customize apps.
  • Configure forms and fields.
  • Import data files to create a Zoho Creator app.
  • Configure workflows and schedules in apps.
  • Share and secure access to apps.
  • Create an app from scratch.
  • Create and run reports and pages.
  • Support customers with portals and live chat.
  • Integrate Zoho Creator with Google Apps and the Zoho Marketplace.


Target Student:

This course is designed for power users who do not have experience developing apps or writing code, but wish to build business apps for small, medium, and large businesses. The apps may be first-time creations, or may be designed to replace Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Access files used in data-driven work scenarios.

This course is also designed for developers who are seeking to build business apps with Zoho Creator and who want to prepare for the Zoho Creator Certified Developer exam.


To ensure your success in this course, you should have experience using computers and the Internet for work tasks, working with productivity software such as Microsoft Excel, and competency in managing data in a spreadsheet or Access database. You can obtain this level of skill and knowledge by taking the following courses:

  • Using Microsoft Windows 10
  • Microsoft Office Excel 2013
  • Microsoft Office Access 2013: Part 1 (optional)


Course Content

Lesson 1: Setting Up Zoho Creator

Topic A: Plan Your Application

Topic B: Create a Zoho Account

Topic C: Configure Zoho Account Settings

Topic D: Configure Zoho Creator Settings

Lesson 2: Creating an App from the Application Gallery

Topic A: Select an App

Topic B: Features of an App

Topic C: Options for Importing Data into Apps

Lesson 3: Customizing Apps

Topic A: Configure App Settings

Topic B: Customize App Appearance

Lesson 4: Configuring Forms and Fields

Topic A: Build App Forms

Topic B: Configure Fields

Topic C: Back Up Apps

Lesson 5: Importing Files to Create a Zoho Creator App

Topic A: Import Data to Create Apps

Topic B: Migrate Files to Create Apps

Lesson 6: Configuring Workflows and Schedules in Apps

Topic A: Configure Field-Based Workflows

Topic B: Configure Form-Based Workflows

Topic C: Configure Form Schedules and Notifications

Lesson 7: Sharing and Securing Access to Apps

Topic A: Configure Simple Sharing

Topic B: Manage Roles and Role Hierarchies

Topic C: Configure Advanced Sharing

Topic D: Control Access with Advanced Sharing and Field Permissions

Lesson 8: Creating an App from Scratch

Topic A: Create an App from Scratch

Topic B: Configure Subforms

Topic C: Automate Forms with Rules

Topic D: Accept Payments Through Forms

Lesson 9: Creating and Configuring Reports and Pages

Topic A: Create and View Reports

Topic B: Create and View Pivot Reports

Topic C: Configure Access to Reports

Topic D: Configure Pages and Schedules

Lesson 10: Supporting Customers with Portals and Live Chat

Topic A: Enable and Test the Customer Portal

Topic B: Support Clients with Live Chat

Lesson 11: Integrating with Google Apps and the Zoho Marketplace

Topic A: Plan a Google Apps Integration

Topic B: Install Apps from the Zoho Creator Marketplace